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posted Mar 1, 2017, 5:11 AM by Danelle Nutter   [ updated Mar 28, 2017, 12:07 PM ]
As a part of the celebration, we will be recognizing 3 student artists each week from each grade.

The final week we celebrate:

Vaughn Leach from Ms. Dyer's 2nd Grade Class

James Harris from Ms. Jenkins' 1st Grade Class

and Bella Bonham from Ms. Lamb's Kindergarten Class

Vaughn Leach                 "Creative Self- Portrait"

James Harris                                            "Alphabet Soup"

Bella Bonham                                            "Mouse Paint"

The  4th week:

Abby Sisk from Ms. Waldron's 2nd Grade Class

Madelynn Carey from Ms. Sekely's 1st Grade Class

and Casey Lonergan in Ms. Fears' Kindergarten Class

Abby Sisk                "Birds" Tessellation

Madelynn Carey                 "We Are All Different"  Collage

Casey Lonergan                                "Dot Dot Seurat" Bird

The 3rd week we honored:

Alyssa Smith in Ms. Dyer's 2nd Grade Class

Gracie Piszker from Ms. Jenkins' 1st Grade Class

and Veronica Perez in Ms. Dickey's Kindergarten Class

Alyssa Smith                                    Snowflake Design

Gracie Piszker                                        "Tropical Fish"

Veronica Perez                            "Monet" Boats On Water

Week #2:
Anna Thompson from Ms. Mickelberry's class

Thea Lewis from Ms. Goering's class

and Karla Streightiff from Ms. Lamb's class!

Anna Thompson                       "Georgia O' Keeffe" Flower

Thea Lewis                    "Robot Printing"

Karla Streightiff                                  "Monet" Landscape

Week 1:

Henry Dame from Ms. Fears' class!

Susanna Brockman from Ms. Caldwell's class!

and Raegan Brown from Ms. Utz's class!

Henry Dame                                    "Torn Paper Animal"

Susanna Brockman                    "Snowman Family Portrait"

Raegan Brown            "Picasso Rooster"